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The SUSPRO s. r. o. company was established in 2005 as a reaction to the need of companies for the supply of complete services related to the installation, launching, operation, and maintenance of industrial pump technologies. The company was providing maintenance services to a foreign business company for two years. After two years, the cooperation of the two companies terminated and we were forced to search for customers. Of course, the company picked up the threads of cooperation with other companies for which its services had been beneficial and with which it had been well-established. The maintenance activities of the industrial pump technologies did not remain solitary and other activities in the field of maintenance, supplies of technological complexes, but also outages of technological devices for the automotive were added. The automotive field forms an important part of the company's activity.

Our other activities include the food industry which will be significantly supported in the following years. Even our youngest business department is an integral part, and today even an equivalent part regarding its turnover. We represent prestigious and esteemed companies from the industrial pump technologies field and we even supply technological complexes which we build ourselves.


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